All About Thv v4 forex trading system

THV v4 forex trading system is a trading technique that utilizes a few lethargic indicators (Moving Average and Ichimoku Cloud) to decide the current market bearing and channel signals and numerous oscillators (Trix) to decide passage focuses toward the current trend. Also, the technique considers patterns from higher time spans, current help levels, Fibonacci levels, marker divergences and the time factor. Accordingly, the best exchanging time is viewed as the initial time of the European and American meetings. So the procedure isn’t pretty much as basic as it sounds.


The trader utilizes a strategy to trade the EUR/USD cash pair on 1-moment and 5-minute charts, however guarantees that the system can larger time frames just as in different markets. I was promptly keen on the chance of changing the system to apply it on the MICEX or FORTS markets, however to a greater degree toward that later.

As indicated by the creator, on the off chance that you keep every one of the guidelines of the framework, winning trades will be 70-80%. The creator instructs to set a take benefit regarding 10 focuses, and a stop loss of around 10-15 for EUR/USD. So the technique can give a benefit of 37.5 focuses for 10 exchanges and have a Profit Factor equivalent to 2. The creator makes 2-3 trades each day, all the more frequently the conditions just don’t make any sense, regardless of the quick time parameters. I need to say immediately that I couldn’t get such outcomes, neither on Forex, nor on Forts.

THV v4 forex trading system Basic rules.

Data sources. Over the fundamental normal, just Long, underneath just Short.

The price should be behind the Ichimoku cloud, and both Trix indicators have crossed and have a similar shading.

The best and most secure affirmation is the resulting intersection of the zero line by the quick Trix

Yields. The quick Trix has changed its tone or the price has arrived at a significant help/opposition level. Dangers The creator unequivocally encourages to follow cash the board and hazard close to 1% – 2% of the capital in one trade. All things considered, sound guidance. In this way, to trade 0.1 lot of EUR/USD, you will require $ 1500. Prior to genuine trading, it is recommended to trade with a demo represent two or three months. Makers. The creator of the system is a discussion part with the epithet Cobraforex, who later assembled around him a group of aides who call themselves THV Team, on the gathering they can be perceived by their trademark signature. Impressions. What we enjoyed. I preferred the overall rationale of the system and how systematically it is carried out.

I enjoyed the energy, receptiveness and magnanimity of the THV Team in the advancement of this exchanging thought. The people at THV Team have worked on the markers and presets that the creator initially proposed. For instance, the MTF (Multi Time Frame) TRIX and SwissArmyMixedHisto indicators were written, which, truth be told, are data authorities from other methodology markers and can give sound signs when ideal conditions for an trade happen. All indicators are accessible for download from the forum. If it’s not too much trouble, note that the indicators versions are continually updated.

What didn’t like About THV v4 forex trading system

The underlying thought was congested with numerous adjustments, and it is very hard to swim through the a huge number of discussion pages. Also, members chiefly examine single transactions, and not the consequences of trading over significant stretches, which makes it difficult to evaluate the adequacy of the strategy.


The THV THV v4 forex trading system Team is as yet working on automating this strategy. I’m not astounded at a lethargic advancement, since they are attempting to place into the robot every one of the states of the strategy, of which there are many.

All released robots are beta versions. The current version is 0.8.

THV v4 forex trading system Testing on FORTS.

All through March 2011, I analyzed this system for the RTS Index prospects. In reality, I chose to compose this review, since I ran over a record with the results.

The testing was completed in the following way:

1) A forex broker was discovered that gives statements to the RTS index futures in a survey mode.

2) The settings for working with THV were superimposed on the 5-minute chart.

3) At the end of the functioning day, I followed every one of the minutes where the system gave signals. Sources of info were considered by every one of the guidelines of the framework, yields were set off by a quick Trix signal. Significant levels and divergences were considered. A slippage of 75 points was remembered for each trade.

4) The results were kept in touch with a xls record.


A sum of 66 virtual transactions were made.

Profit – 28

Unprofitable – 38

Profit – 2685 focuses

Profit Factor – 1.28 Conclusions On the one hand, the system brought profit, and this is acceptable. Then again, I anticipated much better outcomes, for instance, the quantity of profitable trades is over half and the profit factor is nearer or more than 2. The strategy can’t be utilized in its current form, enhancements are required. What can be changed: consider the more noteworthy instability of stock resources contrasted with currency resources, change to higher timeframes, slow down the indicator that signals an exit.


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